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Unlock Those Telephone Company Handcuffs

Here is how you provision a Cisco phone to work with our system. 
The Cisco phone must be on SIP firmware, rather than H323, for this to work.

1. Press the menu button
2. Press 9 to enter the unlock config option.
3. Type in cisco(222 444 7777 222 666 on the keypad as the password and press 
the option for accept.
4. Press 4 to enter the SIP Configuration option
5. Press the Select option to enter your line of choice
6. Here is a listing of how your Line Configuration should look. Please
change this information to match specific accounts.

Your full DID 1 and the number

Anything you want to label it

Authentication Name
Full DID again 1 and the number

Authentication Password
This is the Voip Password under the account info tab on the account

Display Name
Name of user

Proxy Address

Proxy port
Remains the same as it is by default

7. Press Save and then press 4 to go back into SIP Configuration

8. Scroll down to option 10 and select the option for Yes.

9. Scroll down to 22 and press the option for Edit

10. You will need to type in sip.hostedvoiptelecom.com here and then
press accept.

11. Press the option for Save.

Once your device is finished configuring after your changes you should
be able to send and receive calls. If you have trouble with your phone
working please check that all cables are connected properly and that
your network is configured properly. If you still have trouble after
this please send us a ticket and we will look into the issue.