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Unlock Those Telephone Company Handcuffs

Binary Telecom's Voice over Internet Protocol service is also marketed through a select group of Internet Service Providers and Network Integrators. We hold these representatives to a high set of standards, and will not include those who do not add value to the customer's VoIP experience. Among them are:

InfoArch, Inc. in Portland, OR
Internet Professionals & Network Services, Inc. in Portland, OR
Assistive Technology Services of Maine in Augusta, Maine
Drizzle Internet, Inc. in Seattle, WA
Site Specific, Inc. in Seattle, WA
CSolutions, Inc. in Salt Lake City, UT
General Voice, Inc. in Dudley, MA
Digi-com in Emmett, ID

Giga Networking in Redmond, OR
BMC Networks in Vancouver, WA

VeraPort VoIP in Portland, OR
NW Master Agents in Vancouver, WA
Station Wireless, in Monterey California
ITS Managed in Grants Pass, OR
ForesTel, in Portland, OR
Advanced Wireless Technologies, Boise, ID
Columbia Basin Netwerks, Kennewick, WA
High Performance Systems, Honolulu, HI
Jamison West Consulting, Seattle, WA
Level 2 Technology Consulting, Dallas, TX
Mettler Technology Consulting, Emmett, ID
Network Support for Small Business, Renton, WA
Prosound, Ruckersville, VA