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The Essential Guide to SIP Trunking
by Cindy Waxer | VoIP News

SIP Trunking Service for IP PBXs including, Asterisk, Mitel, ShoreTel, Cisco, Allworx, 3CX, AltiGen, Panasonic, Adtran, Vertical, GrandStream, Linksys, Panasonic, Polycom, Toshiba, and Microsoft Response Point.

Using an IP PBX will allow you to make multiple simultaneous calls, so one DID is all you need. Your IP PBX need only be able to handle extensions. Additional fully activated DIDs are $8 per month each.

 Origination and termination on SIP trunks are as follows:
     SIP Trunk Value - $125/month, includes 5,000 minutes, then 2.0 each.
     SIP Trunk Basic - $225/month, includes 10,000 minutes, then 2.0 each
     SIP Trunk Plus - $425/month, includes 20,000 minutes, then 2.0 each
     SIP Trunk Premium - $975/month, includes 50,000 minutes, then 1.75 each