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Unlock Those Telephone Company Handcuffs

Binary Telecom is not among the ITSPs  included in Response Point’s drop-down box for automatic configuration. These configs will assist you in manually establishing connections to the switch. Be advised that Microsoft no longer supports Response Point.

Here are the settings for Response Point SIP Service with Binary Telecom

Response Point will reset router/firewall ports frequently. With so many new routers on the market, you may experience one-way audio with some, and not others.
Advanced NAT Settings  
Tutorial on VoIP and Network Firewalls

We know the use of these router/firewalls will accommodate the dynamically changing ports for SIP service:
Linksys 54G, 54GL
Sonicwall, all versions For users of SonicWall Firewalls, please use these settings Netscreen/Juniper – all versions,
Airlink 101 EVDO

We know that these routers will NOT easily accommodate SIP traffic:
D-Link DI 624
D-Link DIR 615
Netgear - any version
Linksys - any BEF series
Netopia - any version